Saturday, March 19

Things I'm Lovin'

1. Giveaway!!!! Over at Sunday Morning Sugar from Studs and Pearls
Two of my favorite girls over there! And a great bracelet. 
I made one in January, just a little bit different. 


2. The Red Velvet Dress Collection Story. Amazing job Elsie!

3. This photo. Found here.

4. Kamika's Bambi bib! Sooo cute!!

5. This glass dress. Soooo beautiful!!

6. This paper light DIY. Soooo cute!


7. Spray painting like a pro? Oh. yeah.

Photo 6 

8. My first guest post DIY posted last week. (Not excited at all... :D)

Color Study 309 / Redwedge

9. This amaaaaazing quilt! Ahhh.

Black and white fringe top S/M/L

10. This top. I love love love it. 

Don't forget to say hi here!!

♥ Kenzie


  1. Just thought I'd mention that my roommate said her and her future roommate are going to use your DIY to make all their plates/cups/bowls for their apartment next year :)

  2. That shirt is so pretty. And, I read that story by Elsie this morning - I'm so happy for her!

    Also, I'm adding your bracelet that you made in January to the Facebook fan page album, "S&P Reader Projects" xo

  3. P.S. I just saw that I commented on the original post saying that I would add it to the page - I knew it looked familiar and I could've sworn I already added it - but I can't find it on the fan page...I think I'm losing my mind! Ah! Well, either way, it's up there. <3

  4. i adore the whole outfit at the bottom! oh, and your blog. ;)

  5. weeeeee! Thanks for the shout out luv!