Sunday, June 12

Things I'm Lovin'

So many things to love this week!

This photo from Something Monumental. So beautiful.

DIYs at Studs and Pearls are always awesome, of course... I'm pretty sure I'll be making some Jamestown Settler necklaces {p.s. if you have no idea what I'm talking about and think I'm nuts, go read the post and you'll get it ;)}

Etsy congratulated RISD grads on their blog and gives them Artreprebeur Kits at graduation? Can't wait to graduate :)

This fabulous new card design by one of my very best friends, Miss Katie :) 

I know this is tiny, but I loveee how Readymade makes these diagrams for recipes and such. So cool. {*Nerd Alert*: I am a little obsessed with diagrams...} See the full version and the delicious recipe here.

Really, really, REALLY want to make these necklaces from Honestly WTF. So in love.

This bathroom = ♥ 
Found here. From here.

Keira Rathbone

Art made with a typewriter? Um, yes please. Incredible.

This is such an amazing song. Adele is an amazing artist.

OMG this chair!! WANT.

What are you lovin' this week?
♥ Kenzie