Thursday, June 30

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

   - Made strawberry jam this week with my mom and friends.
   - Rode a mechanical bull for the first time ever. 
   - Went to Lake Placid and hung out with my dad all weekend. 
   - Got a sweetgrass candle and my room smells sooooo good.
   - Moccasins. They're just amazing.

   - I got a new phone/lost all my contacts therefore every time someone texts me, my response is: That's cool. Who is this? 
   - Wearing sports clothes/pjs/messy hair/probably smell cause nobody really looks nice in Keene, NY right? It's an outdoor place so I don't have to look good... whoa that is a cute boy... hide... trip... hide again.
   - Riding a mechanical bull at a bar on a Wednesday night. 
   - Telling my mechanic he should have me on speed dial since I've been there three times this month. 
   - Almost hitting a turkey on the way home from Lake Placid - they are hilarious. You should probably watch this video to understand why I laughed so hard - this is the best video I could find of one running. I didn't get attacked like this guy though haha 

What's been awesome or awkward for you this week?

♥ Kenzie


  1. i think you should share your jam recipe. Looks soooooooo good!
    x krystie

  2. Stay tuned Krystie ;)

    And p.s. It *is* sooooo good!

  3. My mom has been making it forever and it's delicious!