Wednesday, July 27

Tea and Tell Tuesday... is postponed. for now.

... but bunny in a mug?? Sooo cute!!
{sorry I don't have a source!! :x}

My laptop sat open all night and blogger tried really hard, I swear it did, but my video has not been able to upload... sad. And I tried today too... a couple of times. I think Blogger is mad at me for some reason but I'm not going to hold this against it because we've never had an argument before, so I'll let this one slide. I know you all reallyyyy want to see my video. Like ants-in-pants excited right? 

Well, guess what? There's TWO. Oh yeah. I made two. One is the normal one and the other one is the one you really wanna see that shows you how truly nuts I am. Good stuff. Be excited.

Until the day that Blogger stops being mad at me and lets me upload my video, I'll post other good stuff. 

And just to keep you wondering, the tea I'm going to share has to do with a "weed" that nobody likes in their lawn during the summer.  Can you guess what it is?
(I love guessing games!!)

♥ Kenzie

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