Thursday, July 28

Five Things::I love about Road Trips

{from Home ♥}

I can play my music superrrrr loud and sing even louder and as bad as I want.

I can talk to myself. Oh, you know you all do it too. 
{I talk to Maurice too though - he's the moose you see in the picture.}

Get my "alone time" in. 

Drink and eat things that are really bad for me.
{because they're the "only" option. Though I really just use that as an excuse...}

I can pretend to be whoever I want to be. 
Have you ever done this? If not, I highly suggest it. Even just on trips in general. It's not that I don't want to be me, cause I would definitely be my friend. ha. But it's fun to dress a certain way and completely take on a new "identity" for a while. My friend and I did this once in Boston and though we probably sounded really stupid all day, we put on the British accent and walked proudly and talked very loudly. It was sooo much fun and so worth the sore throat at the end of the day. We laughed a lot and that's all that really matters! 

What are your favorite things about road trips?

♥ Kenzie


  1. 1) Eating countless chicken nuggets
    2) Singing obnoxiously loud to realllllly trashy music (Ke$ha anyone?)
    3) Laughing at myself for the singing and nugget eating

    Road trips reallllly are the best :)!!

  2. Ke$haaaaa yesss! haha! I think my favorite one in #3. haha Road trips are so fantastic.

  3. I randomly stumbled upon (actually stumbled upon...not through the site) your blog, and this list made you my new favorite person. Can we just be best friends? You are obviously awesome :)

  4. Maria! You're the best! This made my wholeeee night! I would love to be best friends! :D