Thursday, July 28

It's Thursday isn't it?

I'm leaving Providence today. And surprisingly, to me, I'm a little bit sad. I've had a great time here just relaxing, which is a new concept for me in this city as I'm usually running around like a crazy person trying to get projects done. But here I am, more relaxed and feeling like myself than I have all summer. So nice. 

This is my favorite tree. Probably ever. I don't think I have ever found a tree that I stumble down the street for every time I see it. It is in Providence and on one of my favorite city streets. The street just calms me down whenever I walk it. It's not super busy, so it reminds me of home and I can get away from some of the city noise for a short while. Those fire sirens can get annoying after a while. 

I've always wanted to jump the fence and climb this tree. But I haven't on the off chance that the... police are called. So, I figured it wouldn't be a good life choice. But wouldn't it be an *amazing* treehouse tree?

Do you have a favorite place in your city or town?

♥ Kenzie

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