Saturday, July 16

Posts from the road

My car and I have gotten pretty close this past week. I mean, we always have been with all the traveling we do together {home to Providence, Prov to home} but this past week has been insane. I have lots of pictures that I need to share but for now, here's a photo of my other companion, Maurice. He's been traveling with Max {car} and I for a few years too.

I promise I'll be back in a day or two and you'll be overwhelmed with photos and stories, but until then, I may need to recover a bit...

♥ Kenzie

P.S. I've got a wicked trucker tan. On my left arm and leg. I know. You're jealous...


  1. That is so cute - I hope you're having a good time! I love road trips, or any trips for that matter.

  2. Thanks Savannah! I had a great time!! I'm right with ya on road trips/any trips. I loveee visiting other places - new or old. :)