Tuesday, July 5

Tea and Tell Tuesday

Today's tea: Chamomile. with brownie on the side.

I love me some chamomile tea. When I was in Peru, we had it every day - cold and warm. So, the smell and taste reminds me of the week I spent there every time I make it. It's a super happy memory. 

The brownies were sitting on the counter right below the microwave. Why my mom had to make them, put them there and tempt me is beyond me, but it happened. And the brownie went down nice with a bit of warm tea. Yummm.

In other news: today's events involved housework, going on a hike and getting chased out of the woods by bugs {literally mom and I ran to the car} and making yummy pasta with yummy sauce for dinner. 
It was an eventful day.

Oh and I'm super obsessed with a new guilty pleasure tv show - Heartland - a Canadian drama about a horse ranch. Basically the characters are living my dream... 

What are you drinking tonight?
♥ Kenzie

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