Thursday, July 7

I feel like a little bit of a geek today and I'm okay with it.

Oh yes. It's that time again. Time to pick out those lovely awkward moments and awesome moments of the week. And share awkward photos of Mackenzie with the rest of the blogasphere. Cause awesome ones aren't as fun. {P.S. Like my snake puppet I made freshman year? I forgot his name... oops}

   - I just used the word "blogasphere" {I don't think it's actually a real word either... must ask Webster}
   - Having someone talk to you in Spanish after a full year of not speaking it and even though you were once fluent, all you can answer is "si" cause you're too nervous... I feel so cool. 
   - Being run out of the woods by bugs. My mom and I ran all the way to the car. It was insane. 
   - Seeing a person that you met once, a year ago, making full eye contact for 30 seconds and still not knowing if it's that same person... I still don't know... 
   - "Can you give my number to your friend for me? But if she doesn't want it, feel free to use it." Um. No. Thanks?
   - My snake puppet's bubba gump lip. He's too cute. And p.s. that's his tail in my other hand. haha

   - I'm going to see Miss Kirsten in 2 dayssss! {I'm obviously really excited... especially because I keep talking about it.}
   - Finally figured out the singing part to a cover I've been working on. Yesssss.
   - Raspberries. One of my favorite summer treats.
   - Seeing old friends that I haven't seen for years! It's so nice to reconnect with people you used to be so close with. 
   - Ice cream dates with your best friend every Wednesday. That may have been my best idea to date. 

What's been awkward and/or awesome in your life lately?

♥ Kenzie

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