Thursday, September 29

First Day of School :: A Peek in My Studio

As you probably know, I'm back at school and have been for a couple of weeks. This was my outfit for the first day of school which needed to be documented for a couple of reasons: 

A. My mom wanted my "First Day of School Picture". Cute huh? 

B. First day back outfits are usually the best of the year. 

Now, I don't have a printing studio this semester, meaning: I won't have to wear too many terrible clothes this year, but between dyeing and just being tired, it gets hard to pick out nice clothes sometimes. Or to want to wear nice clothes when you can be so much comfier in jeans and a tank top. {I wear tank tops so much more than t-shirts}

I was so excited to come back. Especially because I got to come back to this:

Weaving yarn room

Natural dyes

Natural dyed yarns

I love this natural dye poster that they hung up in our dye lab this year. So beautiful!

I love being back here :)
Where are you?

♥ Kenzie


  1. Oh my god do you dye yarn yourself? DO YOU MAKE YARN AND THEN DYE IT!? If so, you should send some of that in my direction so I can knit with it :). Send enough for two and I can make us MATCHING SCARVES. How much love would be in a scarf made from yarn you made and knitted up with my little needles? A lot, that's how much :)

  2. hahaha ohhhh Malori you are the cutest! Yes, we dye and spin but we don't usually spin large amounts. BUT I cannnn dye/overdye/dip dye (hombre like) some yarn to send to you... and I neeeeeed to take pictures of the knitting machines/a video so you can see the magic of the knitting machine. It's so fantastic! And there would be wayyyy too much love in those scarves to handle... but I think we could try :) <3

  3. That looks like a magical place! Lucky girl.

  4. ha we call it the sweat shop (it's soooo darn hot in our building) but it's super magical and there are tons of great people. :)

  5. OOOOOOH I want your life! I love the wall of spools and the rainbow effect.
    You need to know about Kate Davies if you don't already. She designs knits in Scotland and just released a few patterns, Peerie Hat and Mitts, on Ravelry. Her blog is called Needled and can be found at
    Found my way to you through Blogtober fest.

  6. Thank you Erin! Her blog is great!! I'm going to post more pictures from studio soon!