Friday, September 23

Things I'm Lovin' :: Sosie

Today's "Things I'm Lovin'" is a short one but there will be more later today! {Fun surprises!} My cold thingy has come down to just sniffles and a red nose {super attractive, I might add} so I'll be around here more. Yay!

I just ran into a new site {new for me} --- Sosie. They have a beautiful site and lookbook that you really should go check out. Here are some of my favorites:: 

^^^ I'm *in love* with these patterns! ^^^

The chic school girl look! So cute.

This skirt *killed* me when I first laid eyes on it. I love orange!

And these are just my favorites! The rest of the lookbook is so wonderful. Head over and let me know what your favorites are.

♥ Kenzie

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