Sunday, May 1

A Peek in my Studio

***New Feature Alert!!!***

I have a new feature for ya'll! It's called "A Peek in my Studio" {surprise!}
I have three main studios that I am working in right now at school - Screen printing, Weaving and Machine Knitting. They are all fun and super cool and I want to give a little peek inside to show what I'm doing because I'm constantly working on new stuff. 

Anyway, I have already done a little introduction but, this week is the *drumroll please* weaving studio!

This is my section's half of the studio. There is one other section.

Here's my loom. She's decorated now for spring so I must take an updated photo of her. 

This is all my crap behind my loom. And obviously, I wasn't working on anything when I took this photo. Although I am now. And it's super messy back here.

I will take photos soon of what I'm working on and show you guys. 

That's our first introduction down! Two to go!

Have a wonderful day!

♥ Kenzie

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  1. This is really cool...! I wish my classes were like this in college. I guess that's a sign I probably shouldn't have majored in Nutrition, haha.