Sunday, May 15

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So, I know I said that I might not be around a whole lot, but the weekends give be a little more time to provide you with some pretty things to look at. Besides my last post, I wanted to show you my friend's website who is a ***fabulous*** textile designer. 

Her name is Brittany Bennett and you should really go check her out.

Brittany is a senior in my department at RISD. We went to Peru together 2 years ago to help build houses and paint a mural after an earthquake. 

{Our group minus one at the mural we painted in 5 days}

We met and became friends during the planning and going on the trip but I'm happy that I've gotten to know her better as a person and designer since I switched to Textiles. She works really hard and it shows in what she produces. 

Brittany has a love for costume design, faux fur and sparkly fabrics that we both share. Trips to our local fabric store together have proven that as we both stop and stare at the glittering, sequined fabrics and talk about what we could make. It's always fun fabric shopping with her.

She {obviously} is an amazzzzing designer and these are just some of my favorites on the site! I'm very sure she could provide you much inspiration as she has me. 

You can see her work here or check out her tumblr here
It's so worth it. 

Hope you're having a great weekend!
♥ Kenzie

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