Thursday, May 5

Studio/Home Visit

*Warning: Crappy cell phone pictures ahead*

Some of the students in my knitting class and I took a little field trip today to our teacher's home and studio. It was fantastic. 

She has soooo much beautiful yarn that the girls and I were drooling over. 
And six knitting machines. SIX people.

I really loved all the colors and the cute little touches in her studio. 
It was so her and so wonderful. We were all super jealous. 

Little books! So adorable.

This little animal collection was on one of the many shelves of yarn. So cute. 

We were also there to look at her hugeee collection of art and textile books.
This one I found soooo inspiring. 
It's like me in book form - tradition craft with bright colors. 
I loveee quilts.

These are some of the pages that I took pictures of. If you look closely {at my clearer bad photos} the large blocks of color have stitched patterns in them. Subtle and wonderful patterns. 
Once I realized I had taken photos of half the book and wanted to take more, I figured I should probably just put it on my wish list...

Also looked at this book that she had on her coffee table. In. Love. 

Again, bad photo but great illustration.

The fish ones made me realize that I really want to revisit my main inspiration in high school art class - marine life. So many things I still want to do with it...
There were a couple other books I looked at, like this one above, {the first one - which is fabulous} but there was no way to go through them all. It was like a library of wonderful in her house!

We all had a wonderful time drinking tea, eating cookies and getting away from the reality of how much work we had for a minute. We talked about knitting, yarns and fabrics and had a great time - each dreaming about their future homes and studios. 

What a nice night :) 

What have you been up to?
♥ Kenzie

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