Sunday, April 3

Welcome to my new feature: Tea and Tell!

It's sorta like "show and tell" but with tea. And mostly me doing the showing. And telling.

I'm quite the tea drinker. Drink it 24/7 and multiple cups per day. So why not talk about it? 
Each Sunday I'll have a different tea to drink and talk about. I'm no connoisseur and it won't be all fancy. Just me drinkin' some tea. 

Today, I'm drinking Darjeeling tea. It's a lighter black tea that I drink for just a little kick of energy when I need it. Or when I want some black tea taste and not too much caffeine. I've read that it's the "champagne of black teas". {Oooooo} I kind of feel fancy drinking it because of that. 

The box says: "Fine black tea from the foothills of the Himalayas expertly blended to deliver a delicate tea with a slightly sweet taste and fragrant aroma." If that doesn't sum it up for ya, I don't know what would. 

I hope you like my new feature!

Have a wonderfully tea filled Sunday!

♥ Kenzie

p.s. That hair style is called: Kenzie-just-woke-up-from-a-nap. I know you all want it.

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