Wednesday, April 13


So over at Malori's blog she's vloggin' away and talking about music today. I thought - Self, {remember this is how I start every convo with myself} ok. *ahem* Self, you like music. You should post music stuff. 

So here I am, posting some of my recent YouTube finds cause I like em. You should too. :)

So this one has a little intro but soooo worth listening. Love them.

This one is pretty chill. :) 

These are a couple of my friends. I've been going to listen to their band - The Sugar Honey Iced Tea- in Providence and I was looking for a video but couldn't find one I could share on here/I don't know how to if I could... But you should go like them on Facebook cause they're super cute and watch the videos they do have there. :)

These people are just amazing singers. I always come back to this video. *sigh*

This one is silly/awesome. I think so anyway. 

Hope you like some of what I listen to! I have a pretty varied taste as you can see but I like it :) 
What are you listening to?

♥ Kenzie

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