Monday, April 4

Awesome Idea

I don't know about any of you, but I really like gardening. When I was younger, I would walk over to my neighbor's house after school, who was an avid gardner, and she would teach me about her thousands of plants. {literally thousands. Or it seemed that way.} It was *such* a great experience and I learned so much from her.

Now, I like to grow my own plants. It just makes a place feel more like home to me. And growing food is so rewarding! It's sooo nice when you go outside and *finally* see some edible stuff hanging from the vines that you nurtured and then eating it is the best part because it always tastes soooo much better than buying it. Just because you grew it. 

Okay, so enough with my talking about how great it is to grow your own plants. {it really is...} I just wanted to point out this super cool idea. I have been thinking about containers I can start seeds in and I didn't want to buy one because I figured I had stuff lying around that I could use in the apartment {egg cartons, plastic bottles, food containers, etc.} but I never thought of using a citrus peel! So cool!

The article is on Readymade and it's such a great idea I just had to share.
Happy gardening!

♥ Kenzie

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