Thursday, April 14

Birthday Wishlist

Just some things I'm wishing for on my birthday {Tuesday}... :)

A couple macarons. Love them. Maybe I'll make some...

I started reading this book on my mom's iPad when I was home. Instant love.
Cause you all know how I want to live on a farm someday, right?

The Big Bang Theory Series. This show cracks me up and they just don't have many episodes online. I started watching it in Argentina, surprisingly, but I loved it instantly. 

A wall mount for my guitar. Now, I don't have a super cool Fender Stratocaster like the person who took this photo does {jealous.} BUT my guitar is pretty too. And I think she should be on a wall. {Her name is Rosalee. And I have two others but this would be for her.} 


*sigh* Just love.


Also wishing for a wonderful garment to show on Tuesday for my knitting crit, a wonderful print to show on Wednesday for my print crit and a wonderful tapestry to show Friday for my weaving crit. Also, a good outcome at the Spring Sale this Saturday. Yup. I'm busy this week... maybe I'll celebrate my birthday in a week.

I can't really think of anything else I would like. Besides something like this:

But a knitting machine is kind of out of the question at this point.
{And yes, that's a knitting machine for those of you who have never seen one. And yes, they are amazing and sooo fun. Doesn't it look like a piano keyboard?}

Or this:
standard floor loom
But again... ya know.

Or this:

But all of these things are just far down the road.
Someday maybe. For now, they are on my "if only wishlist" :)

What are you wishing for?

♥ Kenzie


  1. I got THE GREATEST KNITTING MACHINE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD from a sweet old lady on ebay for $200-- shipping included... it's totally not out of the question!

  2. Lovingggg your birthday wishlist :). Birthdays are so exciting!!