Saturday, April 9

Things I'm Lovin'

Whew! Have I been busy! This week has gone by sooo quickly.
But these are the things I'm lovin' this week.


1. This dress that Elsie wore. Oh. My. Obsessed.

2. This photo found here. Amazing color and composition.

3. I've been so obsessed with this song this week.

Custom Domestic Trophy 

4. This is amazing. My two worlds just collided.

5. Laura of Violet Bella just made this and I totally support it. I especially support how she used that energy in a creative way. Props Laura.

6. Love her dress/hair/shoes/she'ssofreakingadorable. Love the style. Plus she plays guitar and sings too so she's super cool.

7. Roasted strawberries? Um. Yum.
Found here. From here.

8. Soooo excited for Kirsten over at Studs and Pearls. She has been getting a ton of deserved attention lately. Plus check out this cute DIY she just made.

9. This tattoo etiquette post by Kaelah at Little Chief Honeybee. Great post.


10. And if anyone is having a party, you should probably go here for some DIY inspiration. These hats are not the only incredibly adorable thing there. 

Have a lovely day!

♥ Kenzie

1 comment:

  1. <3 thanks lady. I'm so excited too, more like REALLY overwhelmed haha.

    And...roasted strawberries? That sounds amazing.