Sunday, April 24

Things I'm Lovin' & Happy Easter!!

Turquoise Linen Tiffany Prom Dress - made to measure - by Dig For Victory

ummm do you love this? Or do you love this? 

The Original Maker Of Teacup Bracelets By StayGoldMaryRose - Charming Vintage Bonechina Tea Cup Bracelets

Teacup bracelets? Yes. Please.

Explore Dream Discover Map - 11x17 Poster

Palm Springs Lounge - Ultra Mod Two-Story Cat Bed (Chartreuse Ultrasuede Cushions)

So cute!!

Clock created from a recycled Columbia record player

Oh my, how I want this.

Did ya'll see this DIY by Kirsten? So cute! She has the best ideas!

That's all I have for right now. But I promise there will be a Tea and Tell tonight!

♥ Kenzie


  1. DUDE

    I have to have a teacup bracelet

    Like I mean I HAVE TO!