Monday, April 1

Semester Update #3: The Finale

The Finale of the semester was a little crazy and really weird. I had to deal with the fact that this part was going to whoooosh by and in no time, I would no longer be at RISD, my home for the last 5.5 years. That was (and still is) a hard reality to face. 

There was:
 - knitting
- goofing around
- walks around Providence
- major tired-ness
- LOTS of tea
- thesis writing in the woods
- sewing until my eyes and arms hurt
- broken headphone cords with one week left (immediately followed by screaming)
- notes to classmates 
- much laughing 
- super late nights/early mornings in studio

Though all those memories don't seem wonderful, they were. I miss all my textiles girls and guys and the late night bonding that could only happen in the midst of exhaustion. It was an amazing experience that I couldn't imagine being complete without each one of them.

Look for one more update to complete this mini series of Semester Updates!

♥ K

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