Thursday, April 18

Painting / Making a Mess

If you've seen my instagram lately, you know that I've been hermiting away in my studio painting. It's a mess in here people. But that's how I work - with bits of tissue paper, pieces of photos and bottles of matte medium spread out around me as I stare at a canvas on the floor and music blasts through my huge headphones. 

I'm still figuring out my process, honestly, but I try not to analyze it too much. After I took a painting and collage class at RISD, it all just started happening. It was a nice discovery to have it just come out of your hands with no struggle. I know they say that the best things are those we have to work hard for but this was a really great thing that came easy. Maybe I *had* worked hard before and I just wasn't using the right medium? 

Anyhoo, I'm so glad to be back into the process and just enjoying it with no pressure. I just got totally lost in my own world the other day. So much that I worked from about 10 am to 8 pm. (I did take breaks.) That's why I wear my headphones - to drown everything out and be in my own head and in the moment. That way, I dont think about every little thing too much. I just do it. (Like Nike right?) 

When I would work like this in school, it was the same way. I would get lost. Once, I was painting in my apartment - I started at about 9 pm - and I got so lost in the process and the joy of it, that the next time I looked at the clock, it was 5 am. Whoops. 

Because of the drying time on each piece, I usually work on 3 - 4 pieces at a time. I use a lot of paint mediums and layers of materials. Sometimes a layer can take an hour to dry depending on what I'm using. I don't want to sit and literally watch paint dry! I move onto the next painting and just keep going.

Usually, I'm not looking at any specific landscape or image when I'm working either. I tend to start layering material until I see something and then go from there. This stuff can start out really ugly people. I'm talking bad ugly - a few random shapes or images on a page that have nothing to do with each other and probably a 1st grader could have painted them. (see: painting in top left corner) But the best thing about layers is that you can layer over them! The ugly turns pretty with more shiz on top! 

I will delve into some techniques that I use a little later, but I thought you might like a peek into my process. 

Do you paint? Is your process similar or way different? Would this giant mess drive you nuts??

♥ K


  1. Yes, I paint and I love it. But I paint everything that I can: t-shirt, sneakers, canvas, fans, baseball hats and even forniture. I´ve been painting since I was 5, and until now I didnt realize how much means to me. Its crazy I had to write it down to realize. You can see some of my works here :) Hope you like it <3

    1. Those are great! I think that if it makes you happy, you should definitely do it! I love to paint furniture and clothes too. It's a great way to make things in your life unique!