Monday, April 8

***Drumroll Please***

*Cuts pretty orange grand opening ribbon*

And we're open! 

I wish I had a real grand opening ribbon that I could cut, but a virtual one is going to have to do for now! Check out the new Etsy shop here.

In honor of Grand Opening Day (which is what today will be officially known as), I propose that we have a ***giveaway*** Woot woot! 

I will giveaway one print - your choice - from the shop. 

---------- Andddd *game show voice* here are the rules: -----------

The giveaway will last for one week, ending midnight on April 15th (EST). The winner will be announced on my blog on April 16th. He/she should contact me for which print they'd like and shipping information. 

To enter the contest, you must comment on this post with your name and the name of your favorite print.

To get extra names in the giveaway, you can do the following:
- share this giveaway on your blog
- like my facebook page here
- follow me on twitter here

In your comment, please write what you have done. If you have previously liked my facebook page or followed me on twitter, it counts too - just make sure you write it in your comment! 

Good luck! 

♥ K


  1. Congrats, Kenz! I want to enter the giveaway :) My name, in case you have forgotten, is Shana Bielemeier. It's hard to choose but my favorite print is "Wanderlost" (I like your fb page)

  2. Congrats Kenzie! You are so talented and I love everything you dream up! Your purple piece looks like there are 2 birds flying together on the right... Reminds me of nana and papa. Love you xoxo

  3. :-) <3 much love to you kenz! <3 michelle

  4. Strokes of Beauty, Kenzie! You must get it from your Aunt. My fav is the train tracks (btw I offered to buy). Maybe I will win it! Love ya. Good luck.

  5. Kenzie, Beautiful prints. I love Moon. Good luck. I hope things go well for you. Marcia

  6. Moon is my favorite! I liked you on FB too. Good luck, girl! Jess Lapp :)