Friday, April 26


Do you remember this painting in the top left corner? I've made some progress since my last post. Though I've been busy planning my art show, I actually remembered to take progress photos! Yeah, I know - I never remember to do that. If you've been following me on Instagram, you know this. But if not, here's a little update on that painting:

At this point (above), I still had no idea what was going on...

I started to see it here.

And now, I'm refining the details as you can see above.

If you read my last post, it might give you more of a wordy description into what my process is. But I hoped you enjoyed a visual look at my start to almost finish of a painting. I will post the final piece when it's complete! 

Other than this, I have been working on two other paintings, as I said in my last post, and preparing the final details for my show. Food, getting work together, getting supplies together, handing out postcards and flyers... It's so exciting!

♥ K


  1. Thanks for posting the progress pictures. It's great seeing your work evolve!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)