Wednesday, June 25

With Lots of Paint...

So as a job this summer, I have been working on a mural. I actually started it last summer in August and am finishing it this summer. It is in a little boy's bedroom. I like how it's coming out so far.

Unfortunately, this is not the complete updated photo but I think you all can fill in where everything goes with the others photos.

Sorry about the massive glare in this one! Oops!

Over the last month, this is what I have been up to. Along with doing a couple things of my own. Not too much yet but I am getting back into painting for myself and trying new things. I have a long long list of pieces that I want to do, it's just having the time to do them all! :)

Here's a sneak at a new mixed media piece I started the other day.. still figuring out where I am going with it.

I also have an idea for another painting that I am going to start today.
Don't you just love a blank canvas? :)

Have a great day.

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