Sunday, June 29

The Sunday Challenge

The day of rest has left us. Sunday was once seen as the day of rest and yet it ended up that it is now just another day for chores, work and grocery shopping. So I was thinking, if everyone is already up and moving on Sunday, why not give everyone a challenge to have fun and forget about responsibility for maybe an hour. Give up the need to constantly progress, to be an adult. I am going to give everyone an excuse. An excuse to be childlike, to enjoy life a little bit more and I will be participating as well and posting my challenges but I want to hear from you too. I want to know what you did and how fun it was to just forget about the outside world for one second and just be in your own world. And if you are a parent and don’t think that you will ever have time for this “nonsense” (I know you are only using that word because you know how fun it will be) don’t shrug me off quite yet. You can do the Sunday Challenge. This will be an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and really have fun with them while also pulling some of those creative genes out of them and possibly getting some inspiration yourself. Now I have already given you the first Sunday Challenge, which was in my first post of the three I have done today. (I am in such a blogging mood) So get to it! Or do it when you have time this week or when you want to escape. Heck! Do it three times a week!

My reasoning for starting the Sunday Challenge is because I feel like people are losing their creative little kid gene that everyone starts out with. I went to a Preschool art class the other day and they didn’t care what the final product was or what anyone else’s looked like or if they used the paintbrush or if they were doing it right. They just painted with their whole heart and loved every minute of it. As we get older, people get more self-conscious especially with art where people think you need that certain talent gene or you don't have it. “Am I doing this right?” “How do I do it?” “What will it look like?” I know I did this a lot when I was younger. But by being in that art class, I realized that we seem to lose our imagination and creative power that we had as a kid. In that class, everyone was an artist. Not just one little boy or girl that had that creative skill. Everyone. And I think everyone still is and can be. I want to awaken that again in everyone. By having these challenges, I hope to accomplish this. And remember, you don’t have to show these challenges to anyone or tell anyone that you are doing these challenges. This is the beauty. I just hope to bring a little kid back and to keep those creative juices flowing. ☺

Enjoy your day of rest!


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