Tuesday, May 11

Readymade inspiration.

So many things running through my head today about my future. Now that Katie and I are planning on teaming up to create together (not really sure how else to put it) I've been getting lots of ideas.

To keep the ideas coming, my wonderful mother sent me a package with my favorite magazine in it: Readymade. (above) It's so wonderful and incredibly inspiring for me. Fashion, gardening, design, cooking, re-purposed objects, re-furbished objects and DIY everything.

I have loved magazines for a long long time but when I found this one, it was everything I wanted in a magazine and I have kept every copy.

They are actually revamping (sp?) now and it's better than ever. They're doing a great job.

I would love to intern/work there someday just to understand the insides of my love for magazines. I have always had this desire to want to make the magazines that inspired me and creating my own magazine actually just occured to me. I always thought I could work for one, but why have I never thought about creating my own?

I know what you're thinking, lots of dreams all at once. Too much. But I am a serious researcher and I wouldn't start anything like this without much thought, lotsss of research and probably some Graphic Design classes. No worries readers.

Long - term dreams... ahhh.

Anyway, more about Readymade: They have a ton of different blogs on their website also. It seems like something for everyone. Actually 9 different themes, you could call them.

Design Binder is a favorite of mine. It has things like this.

And this. (Yes, those are staples.)

Well, I'm sorry I can't post more but I have to pack up my wholeee room today to move my things tomorrow. And then I'm off traveling for about a week and a half. But I'll try to get one more post in before I leave.

♥ Kenzie

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