Thursday, October 21

Hi all!!

It's a late night for me tonight, but I wanted to stop and say hi before heading off to do some more work! (Ahhhh!) 

I have been a busy bee lately and have not had time to think about anything having to do with my blog... *tear* But good news!! Remember those pillows I slaved over this past summer? (If you don't/weren't around, just draw your attention to my title bar and you will see them!) 

Welllll, I participated in the RISD Student Sale this year for the very first time with my good friend Sunny and we both had a great outcome! I was soooo excited that my pillows sold well! And I have lots of new ideas for expanding my pillow collection and improving! Exciting! 

Hopefully these changes and new pillows and *possibly* an Etsy store (?) will happen during my Wintersession which gives me A LOT more time. (Which I noticeably haven't had... sorry!) If anyone has advice for set-up, managing or how much time weekly you put in, comments would be extremely appreciated!

I will definitely be posting this weekend and give you all a sneak of what I have been spending all my time doing. I have been having SOOOOO much fun in Textiles! It was a great choice for me. I'm so happy. :) 

I hope you all find love in these illustrations I found on Etsy. (up top) They are my new favorites. I really want this one for Christmas!! (hint hint... hehe)

Thank you so much for your patience in my absence!

♥ Kenzie

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  1. Can't wait to see what you have been up to! I have some exciting new too...