Wednesday, October 27

Florals: Lovely Tuesdays

So today, in my Surface Design class, we started floral patterns. We have done stripes and square repeats so far. (I promise, these will be coming soon. I just forget because my life is so crazy.) 

Anyway, because we looked at a bunch of patterns, I though to myself: Self, you should start an iPhoto archive of patterns. And then I thought: Self, you are so smart. 

Ok maybe I didn't really think the second part, but I thought it was a good idea. I already have an inspiration folder (so important). So now that I'm in textiles, doesn't it just seem right to have a textile/pattern folder? I think so. 

So, I bring to you some florals to enjoy on your Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And then, after I'm done with this project, I'll show you what I came up with. :) 

I have more, as they are never ending, but I am falling asleep at my computer! So good night everyone! 

♥ Kenzie

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