Sunday, October 25

It always happens like this...

I always seem to get back into my blog and then don't have time for it or start working on others things and forget to post. Oh shoot. Well, here I am! Back again! Hopefully, with more time on my hands now, I can get back into this a bit more!

Being at school, and being in industrial design, I never seem to get a lot of time to do any sort of fine artsy things. This makes me so sad, the longing for paint on a brush. Therefore, I have decided that once a week, when I feel the urge, I must do SOMETHING fine arts. I think it's a great break from the technical sketches and CAD of ID. :)

So last week I did this:

And I have been getting a lot of inspiration from my beautiful friend, Katie, who did this:

She is so fantastic.
And the two of us love Masha D'yans work. Ahh so fabulous.

Now, for the Sunday afternoon work... lots to do before Monday rolls around!
Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, make it lazy for me. I'm just going to grab a cup of tea and dive in.

♥ Kenzie

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