Monday, May 13

Gallery Show - Wanderlost

It was a night full of art, knitting, food, a community painting and lots of hugs. A few Fridays ago, we had the opening to my show - Wanderlost. Being my first solo show as a college graduate, I was sooo incredibly nervous and excited but it turned out wonderfully and so many people came out to show support.

These are just a few images from the night.
(Credit to Ms. Teska and my mom for the photos!)

The show will be up at the North Rose-Wolcott High School until May 31st available for viewing during school hours. 

 Above is the community painting that we created. How great is it!?

Thank you thank you for all of you who came out to support! And special thanks to Ms. Teska, Mrs. Allen and my mom who helped me through this entire gallery process! You guys are the best!!!

♥ K

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