Sunday, March 28

I know, I know...

Right. So I haven't posted in a while... but to be fair, internet here in Argentina is difficult. But here I am to post fun things. Above is wallpaper from Mini Moderns who I now love. It's part of their new collection called the Folk Rock Collection. So cute. I wish I had a place to put all of their wallpaper up. It would be fabulous.

Also, I need to buy a sketchbook/find an art store! That's right, I came here without a sketchbook. I was thinking my journal could be a substitute for a sketchbook... it's just not working. I have a mini sketchbook that I've been carrying around with me which has been working pretty well, just a little too little.

So Easter here is a bit different from Easter at home. Easter here is during Saint's Week and basically everyone just goes on vacation and you can't eat meat on Easter, just fish. Which is fine with me. Also, families don't get together but good thing is -- I did see Easter candy at the grocery store the other day. Phew!

All of these eggs are so gorgeous! I haven't dyed Easter eggs in so long but these make me want to be home to paint some. I have never seen eggs like this before. They are so beautiful.

If you hop over to Design Sponge, they have a DIY on making Ukranian eggs. It looks so fun!

Hope you finish off the weekend wonderfully!

♥ Kenzie

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