Thursday, January 15

Wow. How long has it been really?
A lot has happened since my last post - or at least it seems that way.
I am now a sophomore and almost half way done with college!! (sooo scary!!)

I have been up to some new shenanigans and such.
I am taking classes here at RISD and also FINALLY taking Spanish classes and I have such a great teacher to work with!
Learning Spanish will definitely help me when I go to PERU!!!
I found out this just about a week ago - I will be going with some people from school to build some houses and paint a mural with children there. How exciting!! Que bueno!! :)

I have also been working hard in school to start my major (industrial design) off right!
It's been a lot of work (part of the reason that I haven't been able to write!) but I'm getting through it!

So here's a quick recap on the summer and what's been happening since then:

Went on my first kayaking "trip" with one of my best friends.

I saw my mom kiss a pig in front of her primary school.

Hung out with a friend I haven't seen in a while :)

Went to a family reunion/funeral/surprise birthday party in the middle of nowhere. (Yupp, you read right)
But it was a beautiful nowhere.

Watched Sex and the City: The Movie and then walked up the same steps in NYC that Carrie did for her wedding in the movie.

Met a celebrity soccer player -- except I don't remember his name - I took a picture of him with my *new* step dad

Traveled to NYC to surprise one of my best friends who was staying there

We went to Dylan's Candy Bar << very recommended

Saw the tripy-est carpet in the hotel

Finished a mural - that I painted all by myself for 2 summers.

Planned my mom's wedding and made her and my new step dad a wedding ring quilt (my first quilt ever!!)
(Both of which I do not have pictures of at the moment)

A trip to the mountains to see my dad and some of the coolest mushrooms ever.

And that was just my summer!

Lately, my life has been a lot of models, drawings without rulers and designing lots and lots

This is our studio:

I rekindled my childhood with friends by having a sleepover in a tent - I slept in it all vacation.

During Christmas, I got a little closer with my new step-sisters

And also, met a new friend that belongs to my dad :)

Now, I am just working hard, learning Spanish and calligraphy and getting ready to go to Peru in March!! :)

What exciting things did you do during your summer?

Enjoy your winter. <3


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